Partitions for your office in Melbourne

A wide range of stylish options for your business or home office

Established in 1988, Nepean Partitions & Ceilings is one of the only companies in Melbourne who specialises in new and used partitions and screens solely. We also specialise in demountable kits and DIY workstations. Supply us with your plans and measurements and we will cut everything to size so you can put it together yourself. We can refurbish and refabric partitions to your requirements.

If you require partitions for your office in Melbourne, we have both lightweight structures and heavy duty options available. For information on our full range of products call today!

Work stations and cubicles

Customisable to your office space, each room divider from Nepean Partitions & Ceilings is assembled to fit your requirements. Our structures are designed with practicality and aesthetic style in mind. After all, you want your employees to be motivated and inspired.

In addition to a choice in shape and design, our dividers are also available in a wide variety of materials including fabric, vinyl and laminate, as well as a choice of colours for panels and tiles. Saving you time and money, each divider is simple to assemble and install and requires no special tools or products. Our friendly team is available to advise you on installation and can come to your office to install the divider.

We can fit out your office with a selection of practical workstations. Everything we offer is easy to assemble yourself. Utilise the space in your office or work area with a work station that uses the area to its full capacity.

Accessories and additions

Our room dividers in Melbourne can also be fitted with additions and accessories that can both facilitate workflow and make everyday tasks that much easier. Our work stations and dividers can be ducted to accommodate cabling for computers and other electronic devices. Dividers can also be fitted with shelves, compartments and divisions for business application. Call or email us in Melbourne for a full overview of our products.

Full Hieght Demountable Walls